Marketing Process

Our marketing approach is to create a confidential auction.

 The reason for creating a confidential auction is to obtain the highest 
value for a company. When buyers compete to purchase the same 
company, the probability of achieving maximum valuation is greatly 
increased. In addition to maximum valuation, this process generally 
produces the most compatible buyer. 



Confidentiality is nearly always a critical concern when marketing a mid- market company. Owners desire to restrict the flow of information to employees, competitors, lenders and others until the appropriate time.  

We are very conscientious about maintaining transaction confidentiality 
and, to that end, we use a unique 3-stage process:

  1. We mail out a generic specification letter to a wide array of likely 
    buyers that does not reveal the name of the company, along with 
    a confidentiality agreement.
  2. After we receive a signed confidentiality agreement from a buyer, 
    we email or fax a blind executive summary that gives a 
    comprehensive look at the company without identifying it.
  3. If we are convinced there is genuine interest and that a buyer 
    is qualified, we send a complete book that identifies the company 
    by name, provides additional company data, and includes detailed 
    financial information. The book is intended to shorten the decision 
    making process for all prospective buyers.

If, after evaluating the company, a buyer wants to move forward, we 
either arrange a conference call or a meeting with the seller at a 
mutually agreeable time.



National Business Search utilizes the following resources for 
bringing qualified buyers to the process:

  • Multiple databases comprised of more than 12 million strategic 
    and financial buyers.
  • An extensive file comprised of strategic companies, capital 
    groups, private equity firms, executives, investors and entrepreneurs developed during the course of successfully marketing nearly 300 companies.
  • The Xerox Alumni Association, a powerful network of former 
    Xerox employees who now occupy key positions in companies 
    around the world.
  • A large network of lawyers, CPAs and other professionals whose 
    firms have represented buyers, sellers and financial institutions 
    on previous National Business Search deals.
  • Prospect searches are custom tailored for each individual client.  
    The searches are designed to find strategic, financial and 
    visionary buyers.