National Business Search specializes in the area of corporate divestitures, where skilled professional representation is paramount. NBS can help the parent corporation manage the divestiture of a subsidiary while accomplishing the following:

  • Maximizing valuation for the parent and shareholders utilizing our confidential auction process
  • Keeping the impending divestiture strictly confidential throughout the process
  • Keeping control over the timing and release of sensitive information

Our skilled research staff excels at locating appropriate prospective strategic and/or financial buyers. In addition, NBS excels at finding buyers from allied industries that strategically want to be or should be in the subsidiary's industry. 

Over the years, we have found that divestitures are generally well received in the market. There is a perception that because they are owned by larger corporations, subsidiaries are often better run and documented than independently owned businesses of a similar size. Our success rate for divestitures is close to 100%, even in cases where the subsidiary is in a turnaround situation.