Buyer Representation

National Business Search offers buyer representation services for companies that wish to expand through acquisition.  We work with the buyer to understand their goals, and establish search criteria parameters, including:

  • Industry segment
  • Revenue
  • Geographic requirements
  • Corporate culture
  • Proprietary technology or services
  • Other desired features

If a company is serious abut pursuing acquisitions, retaining an intermediary such as National Business Search works best because of our systematic and intensive approach.  In conjunction with in-depth industry research, and using the buyer's parameters, a large number of potential acquisition targets will be contacted.  To an important extent, this is a numbers game, and the NBS-focused research approach helps to improve the rate and quality of response.

NBS will employ a carefully drafted individually addressed letter designed to obtain the prospect's full attention.  The goal is to avoid the standard form letter.  We accomplish this by being very specific about the buyer's criteria and being knowledgeable regarding the prospect's business.  We follow up with each responding company, and will assist the buyer at all stages of the process.

All potential targets are contacted on a confidential basis.